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Clicknex Co., Ltd. has been providing SMS service since 2001 (in the name of Pie Soft Co., Ltd.) in terms of SMS Marketing and SMS via radio and television stations. At present, there are many large corporate clients both public and private who use SMS service with us.
Service rates Calculated by the number of credits (SMS) ordered, the price is less than 1 baht per SMS only (can see the price from the table Service rate) There is no entrance fee or annual fee or any additional.
It's not difficult at all. We have software that will allow you to easily use SMS Marketing service like Hotmail or Outlook. Our system of use has 2 languages, Thai and English.
The company has after-sales service that will Take care of the system you are using. And advice anytime you use it if you do not understand or have usage problems. Can notify the company Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the phone number 02-217-7990.
International standard, sending 1 SMS in Thai language (Credit) is 70 characters or English 160 characters or bilingual will be counted as all Thai texts and our system will calculate that How many messages are used? For example, if you type 161 characters of English text, your credit sms will be calculated as 2 credits or 2 messages.
Our system can support long messages, recipients can read long messages continuously. Do not waste time reading the message many times.
We have a phone book function that can save one number at a time. Or save by importing multiple files at a time or sending text messages as files Our system can send messages up to 100,000 numbers at a time in less than 3 minutes.
Yes, it must be an SMS service purchase. For corporate customers only (the condition is based on the service rate) can withhold 3% withholding tax and send the withholding tax documents to the company. As for the company Will send a receipt to the customer according to the steps
For customers who purchase the SMS Standard Package service from 2,000 baht or more, they can specify the sender name in English 10 characters or 10 numbers.
Can send to all networks, whether it is AIS Dtac Truemove Truemove-H, but can also be sent within the country only.
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